Devon Bruce

I had been training and eating seriously for 10 years before I decided to get in touch with a coach. I thought after all this time reading, watching educational videos

Chris Carbaugh

These two pictures are a result of a 6 month transformation with Nick. I first heard about him at the beginning of December 2018 through a friend (Kevin Bowland) that

Jono Leahy

Where to start? I have has a difficult journey throughout my life. From two ACL, PCL, MCL and Meniscus ops, to a cancerous lipoma removed from my leg. I knew


Age 34 Nelspruit "To cut a long story short ECT is the REAL DEAL . My ultimate goal in life was to have pecks, that's all I ever wished for.


Age:23 Occupation-Personal trainerExperience: "It’s the best platform out there, very unique, no discrimination with athletes, Its like an extended family, motivating and very competitive athletes, helping you push beyond your


"If Trust in your Coach and Faith in your ability is not an issue ! Nick and his team at ECT will transform you like you have never seen yourself


"I am 36 years old and in the best shape of my life. ECT has taken me places I could never have gone on my own, with their expert advice,


" Wow where to start, from the very beginning when I joined ECT my mind was blown, Their service is on point and their work ethic is impeccable. They really


"I have been a client of Zane Du Plessis and part of the ECT Family for several weeks and I am VERY pleased and great full with what he has


"My ECT experience has been an amazing journey , not only has my body drastically changed in a way I could never imagine , but the amount of knowledge and


"I started as an ambassador for ECT a few weeks before WBFF last year and from the start I could feel that it was the best decision I could've made.


"I dreamed of competing at the WBFF, amongst athletes that for so long, I had looked up to and aspired to be like. I doubted my own ability and the


"Since joining ECT earlier this year I have experience love passion and personal relations. I took the step to join ECT under Nick Roberts and the results of his knowledge


"After I started adapting a healthier and more active lifestyle with the assistance of ECT, my life changed and my body transformed totally! I am overall more healthy, active, and


"ECT has been a life changing experience, not just physically but mentally as well. I've learnt its more than just changing your body but creating a mindset that anything is


"I would just like to commend founder and owner of ECT nick Robert, on an amazing job with not only the team but with great service. The enthusiasm, passion and


"I Joined ECT a year ago looking for the next level in my fitness and that's exactly what I got,Top class in every department from nutrition, training programmes and communication.


Age 28 /Height 1.79 /Weight 84.8kg Occupation: Project Engineer/CEO at Endeto Engineering "I know how important it is to surround yourself with people who want to progress, people who want


"I started my health & fitness journey 7 years ago at ahefty weight of close to 150kgs. I lifted weights & yo yo dieted on many occasions. I never mastered


"I thoroughly love ECT for the growth it's given me mentally& physically.The team is a family and so unified. I'm proud to be part of such an amazing team which


"Ek is ongeveer 2 maande 'n lid van die ECT familie. ( nog 'n "newbie") My ervaring tot dusver was nog net positief gewees. Ek kan dit met alle eerlikheid


"I've been with East Coast Transformation (ECT) about 3 weeks.The experience I have with my coach Nick Robert is excellent and he give full support from the beginning. He customize


"Not only has ECT helped me attain the best physique I have ever had but more importantly it has developed me mentally. It has helped me to break down mental


"The level of service I experienced from ECT was unbelievable. The advice, mentorship and guidance under Nick Robert from ECT exceeded my expectations in every way possible. He genuinely cares


"The best decision I have ever made is booking the services of Zane and ECT I struggled to lose weight for 10 years. Within 8 months Zane transformed not only


"When I signed up with Coach Nick Robert and the ECT Team in August 2016 my goals and ambition for myself completely changed!Being part of this incredible, fast growing team


Age: 29 Occupation: Mechanical Engineer Location: Cape Town "I've always lead an active lifestyle however I wanted to improve and push myself even further. That's where ECT comes in. Awesome


"One of the many things I learned from being a part of ECT is the willingness to get out of my comfort zone. They want you to continuously grow in


"I have started my journey with ECT in February 2016 and what a journey it has been. From the very first engagement with Nick Robert and ECT, to the end


"I got introduced to ECT by a friend of mine and his results spoke for itself. Unbelievable as it was I took a chance and signed up with ECT Nick


"The best decision I have ever made is booking the services of Zane and ECT I struggled to lose weight for 10 years. Within 8 months Zane transformed not only


"I am 34 and have had 2 children and recently donated a kidney to my sister, I would never have thought it possible to stand competitively on stage. I joined


"After decades of training (from the age of 16) and loving the sport of bodybuilding as a spectator, I decided to do a show and see just what all this


"I signed up with ECT in the beginning of 2015, after becoming complacent within myself and not finding the right fit with other nutritionists. I was unhappy, unfit and frustrated.


"I don’t have words to explain what a amazing adventure being part of ECT is to me but I will try my best. So about 9 weeks ago I got


"The business world in Johannesburg swallowed me whole. I was fat, under weight and very unhealthy. I losteverythingI ever worked for. The first thing that needed to change was my


"I’ve Only been part of this Family for 2 Months and alreadyfeels like home. Coach Nick is a Motivator and Devoted to help you get to your goals. Evenwhenjust maintaining


"Ever since joining East Coast Transformations it has been nothing short of an amazing experience. I have done things that I never thought I could do before which include qualifying


"I have been part of the ECT family from May 2017 The fact that I'm already at the age of 47 didn't put any doubt in his mind that he


"I have been a bikini competitor for the last 3 years, moving up from Beach Bikini to Fitness Bikini division last year. I do numerous shows per year. End of


"I first got into fitness and training about 10 years ago, but ECT was the ultimate gamechanger for me. I signed up in January 2016, eager to take my physique


"My time at EAST COAST TRANSFORMATION have change the way I look at bodybuilding. What you put in you will get out. Nick put the best into everyone of us


"The first time I saw the ECT team I knew it was the right team for me... this team showed up and dominated the competition and what's even better is


"Thank you for everything you have done so far. I have never felt more proud and motivated to better myself since i started with ECT. We are truly a family


"I started with Nick from East Coast Transformations in April and had set a goal to do Muscular Physique Division at KZN's it was my first competition and I was


"ECT has only been but a great experience for me, coaches arethere for you 24/7 and give you a good understand of your diet and training. I haven't been apart

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