"I have started my journey with ECT in February 2016 and what a journey it has been.  From the very first engagement with Nick Robert and ECT, to the end result, has not only been a fantastic experience but a great learning curve as well. Nick Robert is an absolute master when it comes down to coaching and dieting.  The way he starts you off and adjusts your program on a weekly basis is phenomenal!  He achieves results in such a short time period, that it makes you wonder how he does it.  He is not only a professional coach and mentor, but such a great friend that inspires you and always has your back, no matter what.  I am proud to be part of this team and can’t wait to see what the future holds. The ECT journey is much more than just a crash course in getting the body that you always dreamed of.  This is about committing to a plan, trusting the advice given, pushing your body to new heights, that you never knew you could reach and building a bond with a brand that is indestructible!  This is what we call ECT Magic!!! So if you are ready to transform yourself, join the ECT team today and be ready to be inspired!"

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