"I first got into fitness and training about 10 years ago, but ECT was the ultimate gamechanger for me. I signed up in January 2016, eager to take my physique to the next level, and that is exactly what Nick Robert did for me! After 3 weeks with ECT, Nick convinced me to do an IFBB novice show. Although I was sceptical, Nick was confident that I had a good physique and with some fine-tuning I could do well. Sure enough, 4 weeks later Nick had transformed my physique and I stepped on stage for the first time and won my line-up in the Mens Athletic Physique division! From there I went on to do 4 more shows, including the first ever Arnold Classic Africa and the SA National Championships where I ended up placing 3rd in South Africa! Throughout my first year of competing I was approached by supplement and clothing brands who offered me sponsorships and I became an official brand ambassador for the biggest fitness clothing company in South Africa, Dranged, as well as one of the biggest supplement brands, Nutritech! All of these achievements were beyond my wildest dreams and I have to thank Nick for having the confidence in me and convincing me that I could be great when I didn't believe it myself.

ECT is more than a team. We are a family. A brotherhood of like-minded guys who have a passion for gym, fitness and bodybuilding. We support each other, motivate each other and build each other up, no matter what background we come from. I am blessed to be part of this amazing brand and would recommend to anyone to join up. No matter what your fitness goals are, ECT will change your life and help you achieve them!"

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