"I have been a bikini competitor for the last 3 years, moving up from Beach Bikini to Fitness Bikini division last year. I do numerous shows per year. End of 2016 I decided to contact ETC for some more information regarding online training. I joined the ECT team in Jan 2017.


My placings went from 3rd and 4th place to 1st and 2nd place. Winning overalls and now being selected to compete internationally on 18 Oct 2017 in UK, Midlands.


ECT is always there, just a click away. I never thought online training could be so beneficial, but it is.

Weekly photos, meal plans and training programs, and lots of motivation from my coach..


Being a bikini competitor is not always easy.. you always doubt yourself. But ECT is there to remind you on a regular basis, that you are one point… don’t doubt yourself."

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