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I have has a difficult journey throughout my life. From two ACL, PCL, MCL and Meniscus ops, to a cancerous lipoma removed from my leg. I knew it was time for a change when I stepped on the scale and I was weighing in at 128kgs. I knew this would be a difficult task but I knew something had to be done. But how?

I have heard a lot about online coaching and what not but I did not think I had the correct mindset for it. I eventually found Nick Robert from ECT. This gent of man answered all my questions, took the time to explain everything to me, had so much patients with me (I was asking A LOT of questions) and broke everything down for me to understand the process and the services he offered.

I decided to take the plunge and started with the 12 week challenge with ECT. In the first week I noticed changes. From being able to walk a flight of stairs without breathing heavy, to my cloths starting to become lose fitting. I still had NO confidence what so all but these things changed over time.

Nick has literally rebuilt my body, mind and soul. He has taught me how to appreciate myself, how to be more confident and most of all, how to accept and be happy with myself.

Fast forward to 15 months later and I am still here. ECT and Nick have helped me achieve my first photo shoot body, to being featured in the top 6 transformations of 2018 in The November issue of the Means Health Magazine in SA.

ECT is a cut above the rest. Once you trust the process, the rest is easy going for there and the transformation just happens.

We at ECT, are not just a community of people trying to achieve different fitness goals, but we are a family that is there and will always be there for each other.

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