I had been training and eating seriously for 10 years before I decided to get in touch with a coach. I thought after all this time reading, watching educational videos and spending years trying to figure out my body and it's needs, I would know exactly what I needed to do to reach my physique goals. And while I had always been able to get great results on my own, I always felt that there was something missing.

It wasn't until I got in contact with Nick at ECT that I started to learn more about what my body really needs to fuel my performance in the gym and make drastic improvements with regards to my muscle maturity and conditioning. I had also dreamed of stepping on stage since I first started lifting at 14 years of age. Nick was there to push me to challenge myself and commit to that dream and achieve that goal of placing in not just one, but three shows among three different divisions, all abroad, among some of the best competitors in the industry.

During times of self doubt and low self-esteem, he was my mentor and my friend who lent his ears and gave me all the motivation to get up and continue to push through those tough times. Since joining ECT, my life has improved not just in a physical context, but mentally, emotionally and even in my relationships I have noticed positive change and it is all thanks to Nick and his incredible devotion to the work he does.

As he always says,"trust the process"

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