“Changing your body is more a mental challenge than a physical one. In May 2018 I spotted a photo taken of me on stage at a pole dancing competition that left me feeling very unhappy about my body. Having dealt with very stressful work and personal challenges for a few years, good eating and regular exercise was a luxury and it had started to show.

A good friend recommended ECT Fit online coaching. I’ve tried every yo-yo diet and latest fitness quick fixes – with no long term, sustainable results, I realized I needed a customized eating and exercise plan that could accommodate my lifestyle and work around my time challenges.

With Nick as my coach, a personalised eating and training plan, regular check-ins and daily reminders of your training, I was guaranteed success. The weekly photo upload was probably the worst commitment I needed to make – but once you start seeing results, it becomes addictive.

I still have some way to go before I reach my ultimate goal, but small daily consistent changes and trusting in the process has already resulted in great changes compared to a few months ago. Its great having an online coach to help me on this journey and slowly build a new lifestyle. Nick has certainly taught me the importance of believing in myself and staying committed to a goal. Thank you team ECT Fit.”

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