"I have been a client of Zane Du Plessis and part of the ECT Family for several weeks and I am VERY pleased and great full with what he has done to help me achieve my health goals. Zane is a highly motivated and very attentive to you individual needs anytime of the day. I’d come out of my training sessions tired and sweaty ,but its very Energizing to see the progress that I was making towards my health and fitness goals. He also help me understand each exercise and the reason for adding it to my regimen. Zane Du Plessis and Nick Robert and the ECT TEAM have played a massive roll in my life the past few weeks and I would HIGHLY recommend ECT to anyone that is serious about becoming healthier and more physically fit. This has been a unbelievable journey and one of the best life choices I have made many thanks have been given, but hey how about one more. THANK YOU Coach and now great friend. Great full to be part of  ECT team of growing Athletes."

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