"I would just like to commend founder and owner of ECT nick Robert, on an amazing job with not only the team but with great service. The enthusiasm, passion and drive is surely welcoming and overwhelming. A combination of love, fun, hard work and positivity that drives me as a inspired athlete to do my best! Every week, every month I'm not disappointed, for my coach got my back and is making sure I don't drop the ball. Best advice on what's the way forward, despite any set backs. Best nutrition, no boring dry stuff, yet the results are out of this world! Amazing new training programs, keeping your body in new routine and growing!(we all want to loose fat and build muscle, this is the results you get with ECT)Most of all, with all this, if you were alone it gets hard...but with ECT you not alone!! You become part of a family!! Looking good, feeling good with a great team backing you up! What's more to ask for? I recommend all to join ECT and let your life change now! Thank you yet again to not only a coach but an amazing brother Nick Robert and also the team and staff of ECT!!"

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