"I started with Nick from East Coast Transformations in April and had set a goal to do Muscular Physique Division at KZN's it was my first competition and I was nearly clueless as to the preparation and dieting involved . I was blessed to have placed first in my division . Nick was constantly 10 steps ahead with regard to all aspects of this transformation I went from 104KG’s to 92KG’s with my body fat sitting at 3% . His diet plans and training plans were extremely informative and diet was not tedious . He was constantly motivating me and there whenever I had any questions at all . He truly encouraged and motivated me at all times as for the East coast transformations team . Radiating nothing but positivity and encouragement .

I can honestly say becoming part of the ECT team was the best possible decision I could make. I could not be more grateful for all the time , effort and energy he put into helping me achieve my goals and exceed even my own expectations."

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