"After decades of training (from the age of 16) and loving the sport of bodybuilding as a spectator, I decided to do a show and see just what all this comp prep was about. To push myself to stick to a plan and to see what I could achieve if I did. So, at the tender age of 46 I started preparing from the 2016 King Shaka Classic. After chatting to Nick from ECT, he offered to take over my diet and training 6 weeks out from the show. I was super impressed with his hands on approach and constant motivation & support. This really made the difference and enabled me to stay focussed right to the end. I was extremely happy with the condition we were able to achieve which resulted in an unexpected 1st place in the over 178cm division and an invitation to the inaugural Arnold Classic Africa. At the age of 47, with Nick’s expertise and guidance, I was able to place 2nd in Mens’ Physique Masters at my first international competition ACA2016 (and only my 2nd ever show) as well as place top 10 in the open over 178cm line up! East Coast Transformations, and specifically Nick Robert, have assisted me in achieving my personal goal of finally standing on stage as a competitive athlete. As a coach, Nick is extremely hands on, approachable and supportive which are traits that I believe are of the utmost importance."

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