"The business world in Johannesburg swallowed me whole. I was fat, under weight and very unhealthy. I lost everything I ever worked for. The first thing that needed to change was my health and fitness level. I signed up at a gym weighing 73kg with a body fat percentage of around 20%. I am extremely fortunate to own my own business. This also means that my time is focused on growing my business and brand to its full capacity. At the age of 34 I am also realising that it is extremely hard to stay in shape let alone competing with the best the world has to offer on the biggest competition on the planet. Armed with only passion and confidence, I approached a friend, Bruce Labeeuw and suggested taking our bodies to the next level by competing in body building competitions. Then the day came when Nick Robert from East Coast Transformations got hold of us through his networking skills and messaged us to see if he needed a trainer for competitions. The guy blew us away with training techniques and put a new spin diets. 4 years after my worst condition I weighed well over 100kg with a fat percentage below 10%. Nick cut me down to about 90kg for stage day. The WBFF experience and stage changed my life and altered my passion for fitness forever. My self and Bruce were called out just before the top 10. With discipline, hard work, and most of all Nick's knowledge I was able achieve more than I expected. Today I consider Nick as one of my closest friends. Apart from being the best trainer in the business he is one of the most dependable human beings I have ever come across. His personal and business conduct is nothing short of inspiring. I have seen him build East Coast Transformations to a formidable player in the fitness industry. A huge thanks to Nick Robert for being an inspiration, a friend and the best damn coach an athlete can ask for."

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