Baby Mamma First Trimester VO1


Equipment needed: Thera-Bands (Abbreviated to RB)
-Avoid deep twists
-Keep your heartrate bellow your max capacity

(To find your maximum heart rate, an easy equation is 220 minus your age and then multiply that number by 0.85)
If you are a high-risk pregnancy, please do not take part in this program rather seek the help of a medical professional.

If you have no reason otherwise to believe you have a normal pregnancy, then continue.

These exercises are going to be very basic, and easy to execute. These exercises are also recommended for pregnant women and can be executed safely.

A YouTube reference video will be provided as well as pictures showing how to execute the exercise



This workout is the workings of East Coast Transformations. Therefore the information inside this workout is strictly confidential and should only be viewed by clients of East Coast Transformations.
Please consult with your medical practitioner to ensure you can take part in these exercises as East Coast Transformations will not be held liable for any injuries.
Please ensure to watch the videos assigned to each exercise to ensure correct form.
Please enjoy and follow all instructions. Take this time to thank yourself for taking action as this is the first step towards achieving your health and fitness goals.



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